We specialize in structuring and building successful investment portfolios which are tailored to your specific needs and life objectives, and we then take on the responsibility of managing that portfolio on your behalf. We always take into account any changes in your personal circumstances, in order to ensure that your financial future is taken care of in the long-term.


We are experts in finding exciting investment opportunities and providing high quality financial products to our clients, and we adopt a multi-layered investment philosophy while making profitable investments on behalf of our clients. We also specialize in offering investments within private equity financing to our institutional clients and partners.

VG Global Holdings

We are a wealth management company which provides high quality financial products and exciting investment opportunities to both individuals and institutional entities. We adopt a multi-layered investment philosophy, while always aiming to improve our own performance in order to offer a fully comprehensive and successful service to our clients. We always take a long-term approach to investing in conjunction with a policy of responsible and sustainable investing, and we believe in global diversification and innovation in order to create a long-term investment strategy appropriate for each client.

We take the time to listen to our clients in order to understand your financial objectives so that we can ensure that our investment activities are always in line with our clients’ aspirations and life goals. We take pride in the fact that we ensure to offer the same opportunities to all of our clients, regardless of their investment capabilities. We also specialize in helping our clients with any pension plans and insurance needs, as well as offering estate planning services. We also guide our corporate partners into becoming more accountable to the same principles of social responsibility that we hold.

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We are an industry leader in our field and we offer a comprehensive service to all of our clients, while always ensuring that we adhere to our principles of fiduciary and corporate responsibility.

We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients, and we will always strive to maintain a standard of excellence in the service we provide for our clients.

Greg Aitken • Chief Executive Officer

Our approach is based exclusively on our clients’ unique situations and investment objectives.


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