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Here at VG Global Holdings we specialize in finding unique investment opportunities in order to provide our clients with the best chances of achieving financial success through their investments. We have a team of extremely knowledgeable financial consultants who are experts at identifying the right investment opportunities for each of our clients. We have a presence in all the major sectors and we maintain a close watch on any geopolitical events that may cause market fluctuations, in order to present you with the most suitable investment opportunities.

We will always consult with you in order to establish your life goals, financial objectives and investment risk tolerance, in order to be able to find the most appropriate investment opportunities for you. We will then design a suitable investment strategy which best suits your investment goals, and then carry out any of the transactions on your behalf. Furthermore we believe in offering all of our clients the same investment opportunities regardless of their investment capabilities.

We can offer you investment opportunities in:

  • Stocks – Common, preferred or restricted stock, either direct or through investment funds
  • Fixed-Income Securities – Low-risk bonds for regular income and portfolio protection
  • Mutual Funds – We have an extensive range of Mutual Funds and No Transaction-Fee Funds
  • ETFs – We offer more than 200 Commission-free ETFs for more capital liquidity
  • Futures Products – We offer a wide range of products with both hedging and speculative options
  • Options – We can offer you the use of leverage while hedging your position to minimize risk exposure
  • IPOs – We have an established presence in the IPO market and we identify the best companies to invest in

Corporate Account: $1,500,000 Minimum Entry Level
Trading through a Corporate Account gives you the choice and flexibility that you need to take ownership of managing your corporation’s investments, along with the obvious tax benefits. Corporate Accounts enjoy access to early funding rounds of new issues, Syndicate trades for flexibility, and also a margin facility option, all supported by our expert guidance and insight. On behalf of your corporation, you can take advantage of the many benefits that being first in line, on both Buys and Sells, can yield.

Corporate Discretionary Account: $2,000,000 Minimum Entry Level (only available to those with existing Corporate Accounts)
The Corporate Discretionary Account is a blend of both the Corporate Account and Platinum Discretionary Account, and was initiated for those that find it more comfortable to nominate how much of their account is to be traded on a discretionary basis, while at same time enjoying the tax advantages of trading under a Corporate Account. The Corporate Discretionary Account allows up to a maximum of 30% of the account to be traded on a discretionary basis at entry level. The discretionary percentage level is reviewed quarterly for any adjustments and can be altered only by the account holder, if required.

Platinum Discretionary Account: $2,500,000 Minimum Entry Level
The Platinum Discretionary Account facility is advisable for both high-net worth individuals, and also non-high net worth investors that have frantic and demanding careers (e.g. Attorneys, Pilots, Surgeons etc), whereby they need, or would prefer, to remain uninterrupted for the majority period of a working day. Therefore, for all those that do not want to have any regular input into their portfolio management, once pre-agreed parameters are set, investment decisions are then authorised by you to be executed by your broker so that you can benefit from our expertise, knowledge of the financial markets and timing (entering positions at the price points that only an account with zero latency can facilitate). Platinum Discretionary Accounts afford the broker the luxury of timing trades in real time, and often focus on diversifying investments across different asset classes and sectors, which can help to reduce risk and increase the potential for higher returns.

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We take pride in the fact that we ensure to offer the same opportunities to all of our clients, regardless of their investment capabilities.

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