Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is an investment policy that continuously aims to improve our own investment performance, and helps to set new standards in investing that we are committed to meeting. We are determined in making sustainable investing an integral part of how we manage our clients’ portfolios, and how we calculate and integrate risk assessment into our clients’ investment strategy. We constantly use the methodology behind sustainable investing to generate better long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment policy is geared towards building a more sustainable economic and investment ecosystem and future, in order to always be able to provide the most rewarding investment opportunities for our clients. We use this methodology in order to handpick companies which are selected based on having the biggest potential for future growth, as well as their ability to be able to cope with the severe geopolitical challenges and resulting market fluctuations which invariably affect all businesses.

A policy of sustainable investing enables companies to be constantly expanding at the same time as improving their business model, while also helping to create a developmental trend which will encourage more people to build towards a better future for their business. This methodology combines a traditional investment philosophy and approach, with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment perspective, which both institutional and individual investors can use in order to reduce risk and improve long-term returns.

What is ESG?

Environment (E)

This aspect of ESG covers topics such as climate risk, natural resource scarcity, pollution and waste, as well as environment-related investment opportunities.


The Social factor of ESG investigates, considers and reports on labour issues, and other risks such as product liability, data security, and stakeholder objections.

Governance (G)

This part of ESG relates to corporate governance and various conduct-related issues, including board quality and effectiveness, as well as executive accountability.

How does ESG affect an investment strategy?

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is an umbrella for a new set of factors which should be incorporated into any investment strategy. It’s a data analysis tool used to formulate specific sustainable investment solutions, non-financial factors which investors are increasingly using in their financial evaluation and analysis process in order to identify material risks and growth potential in investment opportunities. It is tool which can be used to further determine a company’s future and strategic direction.

ESG data and figures are important to valuations, but they are often not immediately disclosed since they are part of “non-accounting” information, which is often intangible but includes factors which can be vitally important to valuations. ESG takes into account often intangible assets which could have an increasing influence on business valuations, factors such as brand value and reputation, and the decision-making of key personnel in corporate management which can affect operational efficiency.

How does ESG impact investment growth, risk and reward?

There are a number of factors which can drive sustainable investing policies and methodologies, and the understanding of this field can vary from person to person, and also the way each advisor uses the information provided. However, the number of investors who are adopting this methodology is growing, due to several factors:

  • Experienced investors are more demanding in their requirements from investment opportunities, and will therefore look for more sustainable investment solutions wherever possible.
  • Financial regulators and governmental bodies are focusing more on integrating sustainable elements in their decision-making, and the investment information that they provide.
  • Both investors and financial regulators agree that sustainable investment policies, research and analysis, can help to identify risks in investment opportunities and help to earn bigger returns.

What we offer

We understand that our clients will all have different life goals and financial objectives, as well as risk tolerance, which drive their investment strategies. We provide a wide variety of sustainable investment solutions to meet the requirements of all of our clients in order to match their investment preferences.

We will always consult with our clients in order to understand their investment philosophy. We then offer both Risk Aggressive and Risk Avoidance strategies in order to suit our clients’ preference, and in order to build different investment strategies designed to achieve different sustainable investment results.

Our Risk Aggressive Strategy focuses on companies and industry sectors with good ESG performance metrics, while our Risk Avoidance Strategy focuses on minimizing or avoiding companies or assets with negative ESG characteristics, which may damage the reputation of the company and reduce its value.

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We always take a long-term approach to investing in conjunction with a policy of responsible and sustainable investing, and we believe in global diversification and innovation in order to create a long-term investment strategy appropriate for each client.

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