Pension Needs

Here at VG Global Holdings we understand the importance of securing a retirement that is stress-free and unburdened by financial worries, or the necessity of having to depend on your loved ones for financial assistance. Here at VG Global Holdings we would always advise our clients to choose a shrewd investment strategy and maintain a profitable investment portfolio in order to build up a reserve of capital which is capable of sustaining you throughout your retirement. However, it is always prudent to also choose a sound pension plan.

Here at VG Global Holdings we understand that many people are covered by a corporate pension scheme arranged through their company. However, if you are not signed up to any corporate pension scheme, we would urge you to set up your own individual pension plan in order to guarantee a regular income stream when you are no longer working, and thus safeguard your financial future throughout your retirement years. We have a wealth of experience in guiding you towards the right pension scheme for your unique set of personal and financial circumstances.

We will:

  • Consult with you in order to understand your personal circumstances
  • Guide you through the different options if you are living abroad
  • Advise you on how to use offshore jurisdictions to mitigate any tax burden
  • Advise you on how to transfer your savings without incurring charges

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We specialize in structuring and building successful investment portfolios which are tailored to your specific needs and life objectives, and we then take on the responsibility of managing that portfolio on your behalf.

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