Portfolio Management

Here at VG Global Holdings we understand that every client is an individual with a unique set of personal circumstances which will dictate your life goals and ultimately your financial objectives. We understand that your wealth management portfolio – which may include your investments, your insurance and pension needs, your estate-planning, and any offshore incorporation to protect your assets from any tax burdens – is the key to accumulating wealth and preserving it in order to secure your financial future and that of your loved ones.

We encourage all of our clients to always take a long-term and comprehensive view of your wealth planning, in order to ensure that you are protected from any negative changes in your personal circumstances, wild market fluctuations, disruptive global geopolitical events, and any unforeseen eventualities that may befall you. We understand that it is extremely difficult to navigate through the seemingly complicated landscape of the financial world, which is why we are here to guide you in order to create a portfolio which is tailor-made for you.

We will:

  • Consult with you in order to fully understand your financial objectives
  • Identify your life goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon
  • Conduct research on your behalf and offer you different options
  • Advise you on your pension needs and your insurance options
  • Guide you on how best to set up your estate planning management
  • Explain how to use offshore jurisdictions to mitigate your tax burden
  • Guide you on how to create a portfolio with the right asset allocation
  • Manage your financial portfolio and advise you on investment strategies

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We are experts in finding exciting investment opportunities and providing high quality financial products to our clients, and we adopt a multi-layered investment philosophy while making profitable investments on behalf of our clients.

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